Core Management
Ludo van Hijfte – Managing Director
Haije Stigter – Technical Director
Michiel Brouwer – Finance Director
Gerald Goeden – Chief Scientist Environment

Together with our team of advisors and partner companies we deliver solutions for a smooth transition to a sustainable world by building on the foundations of our current infrastructure. The company’s team of experienced, creative professionals delivers innovative concepts with significant environmental impact for the redevelopment of obsolete oil and gas facilities by taking a fresh new look at oil and gas fields, wells, platforms, and pipelines. We are front runners in building the “carbon capture and storage (CCS)” chain by developing the world’s first CO2 transportation system over water that delivers directly to depleted offshore gas fields. Our super-diversity “ECO-Reefs” are designed to make use of existing and new offshore structures to help restore the marine environment and can be extended to sequester CO2 from the ocean while supporting both eco-tourism and local fishing communities. We are focused on delivering realistic, innovative solutions that have a big, measurable impact on the global climate and environment.

Fizzypower, Fizzy Transport & Storage and Fizzy Reefs are subsidiaries of Fizzy Transition Ventures.

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